Golf Society Booking Form
Please return completed booking form, and deposit cheque to the address below.


Name of Society / Company: ________________________________________________________
Name of organiser: ________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________
______________________________________ Daytime ?phone no: ________________________
Email Address: ___________________________________________________________________
I wish to confirm the visit of the above Golf Society to P.G.C as follows:

Please check that dates are available before completing this form. Telephone : 01522794867

Visit Date: ___________________ Arrival Time: ____________________ Players: _____________
18 holes A.M. (please specify time: ___________)
18 holes P.M. (please specify time: ___________)

Please note that play is strictly from yellow tees for Gentlemen and red tees for Ladies.

Play must be in three balls unless playing Foursomes or Greensomes.

Where possible Stableford format should be used and balls must be picked up if unable to score.

A non-returnable deposit of £50 must accompany this booking form. Final numbers for golf and catering must be confirmed at least 48 hours prior to play otherwise we will assume your booking has been cancelled and your deposit will be forfeited.
I have read and will abide by the above terms regarding Golf Society bookings at Pottergate Golf Club and will ensure that all those attending behave in a manner befitting.
Signed on behalf of the Golf Society: ________________________ Date: ____________________




For office use only


Pottergate Golf Club, Moor Lane, Branston, Lincoln, LN4 1JA

Society Information

It is our intention that you have an enjoyable and memorable day here at Pottergate Golf Club. We assume that your society is familiar with the general rules and etiquette of the game and so do not want to overburden you with unnecessary information. Instead, for your guidance, here are just some key points to remember.


Please report to the Clubhouse on arrival.

Dress Code:

Our dress code is largely a matter of common sense and is in line with most clubs in the request for recognised golfing attire on the course (no denim Jeans or football shirts). Players may be asked to leave the course if they are not dressed in suitable attire.

Playing Ability:

We expect all golfers to be of a reasonable standard and conversant with the rules of the game. The club reserves the right to ask any player to leave the course who appears to be lacking knowledge of the rules and etiquette.


Preferred tee times can be stipulated on your booking form. Play will strictly be from the yellow tees for gentlemen and red tees for ladies.

Format :

Play should be strictly in three balls. Foursomes or Greensomes are also acceptable formats on the course. When playing 18 holes the format should be Stableford in order to maintain a reasonable pace. We ask you to pick up if you can?t score for the same reason.

Bunkers and Course Care:

Please rake thoroughly taking care to keep sand within the bunker itself and replace rakes to the centre of the bunker. Divots must be replaced and pitch marks repaired wherever applicable.

Buggies :

Motorised and manual trolleys are available for hire. It is advisable to book buggies prior to your visit. Telephone 01522794867 for more information.

Mobile Phones:

Use of phones is alowed on the golf course in a emergency.

Final Numbers:

Your final numbers for golf and catering are required at least 48 hours prior to your visit otherwise we will assume your booking has been cancelled and your deposit will be forfeited.

Payment of account:

All accounts must be settled on the day. Preferred payment methods are cash or debit / credit card.