Competition Results 2018

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Winter League 2017/18

18 Hole W L                    Winner                     Abigail Copper

                                      Runner-up                 Sue Claughton

9 Hole W L                     Winner                      Barbara Forrest

                                     Runners-up                 Eileen Malpass , Margaret Parry

Spring vase                     Winner                     Dawn Law

                                       Runner-up                Anne Cooper

Ladies Pairs Trophy       Winners                    Elaine Atkinson & Barbara Forrest

                                       Runners -up             Kathy Woodcock & Margaret Parry

Iron lady Trophy            Winner                    Barbara Forrest

                                      Runner-up               Sue Claughton

Australian Spoons          Winners                  Sue Claughton & Elaine Atkinson

                                      Runners-up             Kathy Woodcock & Margaret Parry

Ping Fourball Betterball   Winners               Abigail Copper & Sue Claughton

                                       Runners-up            Kathy Woodcock & Margaret Parry

Ladies Day                     Winner                   Sue Claughton (0n count back)

                                     Runner-up              Kath Havenhand

                                    Nearest the Pin        Anne Cooper

                                   Nearest the line        Kath  Havenhand

                                    Best back 9              Abigail Copper

                                    Best front 9             Kathy Woodcock

                                   Hidden Holes             Elaine Atkinson, Barbara Forrest

Club Championship    Best Gross              Dawn Law

                                  Best nett                 Abigail Copper.

Category 5 (Bunnies Trophy)   Winner       Barbara Forrest

                                               Runner-up    Anne Cooper

Ladies Charity Cup                  Winner         Abigail Copper

                                               Runner-up    Kath Havenhand

Ladies Memorial Trophy         Winner        Kath Havenhand

                                              Runner-up    Abigail Copper


Results  2017


Trophy Winners----2017 

18 hole winter league 16/17.       Kathy Woodcock

9 hole winter league 16/17.         Abigail Copper



Spring Vase.                                 Abigail Copper

Club Champs.   Best Gross.           Dawn Law

                           Best Nett.          Anne Cooper

Mixed Pairs                                 Abigail Copper & Ben

Category 5 (Bunnies) trophy         Eileen Malpass

Charity Cup.                                Sue Claughton

Iron Lady.                                    Abigail Copper

Ladies Pairs.                                Margaret Parry & Abigail Copper

Memorial Trophy                          Abigail Copper

Ladies v Juniors                          2017 Juniors

Summer Eclectic                          Kath Havenhand

Birdies                                       Dawn Law

Pars                                           Margaret Parry

Most Improved Golfer                  Anne Cooper

Golfer Of the Year                       Dawn Law

EG Medal winner                          Abigail Copper 

Monthly Medal and Stableford  results  are found on the Handicap page.



Competition Results---   2016

Monthly Medal and Stableford results are found on the specific page.      


 Trophy and Other Competition Winners.  

18 Hole Winter League (2014/15) –   Dawn Law

9 Hole Winter   League (2014/15) – Barbara Forrest

2016 Season

Spring vase –  Gail Copper

Mixed Pairs – Kathy Woodcock & Tony Hartley

Ladies Pairs Trophy— Ann Cooper & Teresa Galjaard

Iron lady Trophy      Barbara Forrest 

Club Championship     Gross : Dawn law

 Club Championship –   Nett :    Jasmin Lawson

Bunnies Trophy        Kath Havenhand 

Ladies Charity Cup —   Audrey Henderson

Summer Eclectic—      Eileen Malpass



England Golf Memento (Best 4 Medal Scores)—

Most Improved Golfer— Abigail Copper

Golfer of the Year—   Abigail Copper



Competition Results---   2015

Monthly Medal and Stableford results are found on the specific page.


Other Competition Winners

18 Hole Winter League (2013/14) –   Sue Claughton  

9 Hole Winter  League (2013/2014) – Sue Claughton  

Spring Vase     Dawn Law

Club Championship   — Gross: Dawn Law

Club Championship   — Nett:   Margaret Parry

Bunnies Trophy         Margaret Parry

Ladies Charity Cup — Kathy    Woodcock

Iron lady Trophy       Anne Cooper

Ladies Pairs Trophy—Kathy Woodcock and Christine Shillinglaw

Summer Eclectic—Margaret Parry

Birdies    — Dawn Law

Pars— Margaret Parry

England Golf Memento (Best 4 Medal Scores)—Sue Claughton

Most Improved Golfer— Anne Cooper

Golfer of the Year— Dawn Law