Trophy Winners----2017 

18 hole winter league 16/17.       Kathy Woodcock

9 hole winter league 16/17.         Abigail Copper



Spring Vase.                                 Abigail Copper

Club Champs.   Best Gross.           Dawn Law

                           Best Nett.          Anne Cooper

Mixed Pairs                                 Abigail Copper & Ben

Category 5 (Bunnies) trophy         Eileen Malpass

Charity Cup.                                Sue Claughton

Iron Lady.                                    Abigail Copper

Ladies Pairs.                                Margaret Parry & Abigail Copper

Ladies v Juniors                          2017 Juniors

Summer Eclectic                          Kath Havenhand

Birdies                                       Dawn Law

Pars                                           Margaret Parry

Most Improved Golfer                  Anne Cooper

Golfer Of the Year                       Dawn Law



Competition Results---   2016

Monthly Medal and Stableford results are found on the specific page.      


 Trophy and Other Competition Winners.  

18 Hole Winter League (2014/15) –   Dawn Law

9 Hole Winter   League (2014/15) – Barbara Forrest

2016 Season

Spring vase –  

Mixed Pairs – Kathy Woodcock & Tony Hartley

Ladies Pairs Trophy— Ann Cooper & Teresa Galjaard

Iron lady Trophy      Barbara Forrest 

Club Championship     Gross : Dawn law

 Club Championship –   Nett :    Jasmin Lawson

Bunnies Trophy        Kath Havenhand 

Ladies Charity Cup —   Audrey Henderson

Summer Eclectic—



England Golf Memento (Best 4 Medal Scores)—

Most Improved Golfer— Abigail Copper

Golfer of the Year—   Abigail Copper



Competition Results---   2015

Monthly Medal and Stableford results are found on the specific page.


Other Competition Winners

18 Hole Winter League (2013/14) –   Sue Claughton  

9 Hole Winter  League (2013/2014) – Sue Claughton  

Spring Vase     Dawn Law

Club Championship   — Gross: Dawn Law

Club Championship   — Nett:   Margaret Parry

Bunnies Trophy         Margaret Parry

Ladies Charity Cup — Kathy    Woodcock

Iron lady Trophy       Anne Cooper

Ladies Pairs Trophy—Kathy Woodcock and Christine Shillinglaw

Summer Eclectic—Margaret Parry

Birdies    — Dawn Law

Pars— Margaret Parry

England Golf Memento (Best 4 Medal Scores)—Sue Claughton

Most Improved Golfer— Anne Cooper

Golfer of the Year— Dawn Law