About Us

Avalon was founded in 1990 with the vision to create a unique, transparent and affordable funeral plan that had never existed before – one that customers knew they could trust.

Avalon is a leading provider of pre-paid funeral plans in the UK and Europe. For over 20 years our flexible funeral plans and dedicated, professional team have given thousands of families peace of mind.

In November 2012, Lonsdale Capital Partners arranged for a group of investors to buy a majority stake in the Avalon Trustee Company Ltd.

We have a number of reputable, local independent Funeral Directors that we work with to fulfill your funeral plan.

You can be confident that your money is in safe hands. Your money is held in a specially designed Trust that is separate to the company and managed by Independent Trustees to ensure your long-term financial security. The Trust holds and invests your money and pays the Funeral Director at the time of need.

Avalon Funeral Planning takes unnecessary worry and distress out of an already difficult time – which can be even more complex outside the UK. For example in Spain, where many British people have chosen to retire, if someone dies at home, the next steps can be very lengthy and drawn-out; firstly, under Spanish law the Guarda Civil (police) must be called and a doctor must be contacted. The doctor will then issue a temporary certificate – after which either the doctor or the police will contact a local funeral director to attend to the deceased.

The attending funeral director (who may well not speak English) will ask for a ‘release form’ to be signed, which allows the deceased to be removed from their home – and in many cases this form is part of an official contract that does not disclose prices to be charged until after all the arrangements have been made. What’s more, this official contract gives you no control over either funeral arrangements or price. Clearly, these procedures could easily cause anyone huge stress at an already deeply upsetting time – so knowing that Avalon has already taken care of such matters can be greatly reassuring for all.

Take the headache out of the heartache.

Purchase a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan from Avalon and we’ll take care of all the arrangements.